Charlie Sheen had a wonderful Christmas

If you hadn’t heard, Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas morning after his wife Brooke Mueller claimed he threatened her with a knife. Sheen countered that Brooke started it and he was only trying to defend himself. Sheen was booked and then released from Pitkin County Jail after posting an $8,500 bond.

Also, they were both given blood alcohol tests at the scene. Brooke blew a .13. Sheen blew a .04. A day later, Brooke recanted her story. Both these facts bring her credibility into question. Although at the time, it was suspected she only changed her story because she was divorcing Sheen and wanted to be in his people’s good graces so she could get a better payout. Charges could be filed against Sheen for domestic violence or Mueller for falsely accusing Sheen.

By contrast, my Christmas morning consisted of me sleeping in and dreaming of lying in front of a warm fire. Although, the Sheen household sounds way more fun. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to sleep with one eye open with my hand on a serrated knife under my pillow ready to attack.

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