Elin Nordegren is leaving Tiger

Elin Nordegren may be leaving Tiger Woods for good. Elin was seen pumping gas without her engagement and wedding ring and MSNBC says they’re already living separately. The split will likely happen right after Christmas. Elin is also allegedly renegotiating the prenup.

“Elin is not going to be one of these ‘stand by her man’ women,” the source said. “She’s a strong woman, this is beyond embarrassing, and she has a daughter and son she has to think about, who will know about this one day. Tiger’s got a long way to go to make things right, and have the kind of family he was fond of talking about. He’s going to have to play by Elin’s rules now. Forgiveness isn’t exactly around the corner.”

Gosh, you cheat on your wife with 14 or more women regularly and when those 14 or more come forward in the span of two weeks thereby publicly embarrassing and humiliating your wife, she wants a divorce? Elin is being a little bit of a drama queen, don’t you think?

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but doesn't know what the golfers are like
but doesn't know what the golfers are like

let me get this right. a blond baby sitter how hangs out in the golfing circles. knows the sport, but doesn’t know how the men act. so she meets a black billionaire, and attempts to murder him. it must have been L$O$V$E$ that’s why she tried to beat the boy to death like a disobedient slave.

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