John Mayer plays matchmaker

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson both hit up Butter in NYC on Monday and it only took a gigantic oaf like John Mayer to get them on speaking terms again. He’s like cupid if cupid had a cro-magnon head and shot cliche love songs instead of arrows.

“Lindsay looked upset that Sam hadn’t come over to her, and she started whispering to John, who looked like he was trying to calm her down,” says the snitch. “She looked pretty angry. Then John got up and went to talk to Sam.”

“Lindsay seemed happier than she has in ages,” the spy says. “Sam eventually got up and deejayed for a while, and Lindsay kept standing up and looking over to the deejay booth, smiling.”

That’s just what people need. A reunion of the enabler and the psychotic bitch. Lindsay used to show up at Samantha’s door and pound on it at 4 AM in the morning not realizing Sam wasn’t home. If they end up getting back together, things might be worse. Instead of loud banging, Lindsay will just stick a note to the door with a hunting knife that reads, “Missed you. Catch you later. XOXO.”

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11 years ago

I could so go for John Mayer hosting “The New Dating Game.”

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