Kourtney Kardashian debuts her baby

Kourtney Kardashian already had cameras ready to go in the delivery room while she was pushing out her baby Mason Dash. This kid hasn’t even been out of her womb for 5 minutes and he’s already on the cover of this week’s Life & Style. I’m surprised they even took the time to wipe the jelly off him. Probably the only reason they did is because he kept slipping out of their hands like a greased pig. They probably didn’t even have time to cut the umbilical cord. That’s why they had to hide it underneath their hands. That or Kourtney chewed through it real fast.

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Irene Friday
Irene Friday
14 years ago

I say give it a chance. First of all before you even get into any relationship (at any age) you just have to know that Guys (most)are obviously more immature than women are (by 3-5 years)and if you’re willing to deal with the progression of a man going through what I call the growing up stage than in the end it’s all worth it. Look I was a single Mom for years and it’s no fun raising a child on your own. Give the guy a chance- you’ll know sooner than later if he’s right for you.