Lindsay Lohan denies sticking her tongue down Cash Warren’s throat

If you’ll remember, Lindsay Lohan was said to have been making out with Jessica Alba’s husband Cash Warren at Villa on Nov. 19. Sources screamed: “Lip on tongue,” and “It was raw. They were not shy!” Sources then got up on a table, took off their top and swung it around above their heads. I’m assuming these sources are attention whores.

Today, Lindsay issued a denial which is just as good as an admission. I got my law degree online.

“Cash Warren is a BUSINESS partner, nothing more, nothing less. And I have NO interest in anything but focusing on my career/work, as well as my family, and getting everyone holiday gifts! Eeeks-stressful!”

Going from Jessica Alba to Lindsay Lohan is like going from a fairy princess you wished for from a genie to a baboon that drinks its own pee. But what’s this about “business” partner? Lindsay doesn’t work. She doesn’t do much of anything except wander around LA with her straggly hair and wave her bony arms in the air for attention. Which makes this denial all the more insulting. She could have said they were collaborating on a cure for cancer and it would be more believable.

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