Lindsay Lohan is off the help the needy

According to Page Six, Lindsay Lohan, in a totally misguided attempt at publicity, is flying to India to film a BBC documentary about impoverished children. Expect little Indian kids to run up to greet Lindsay only to find the big Hollywood movie star cringing in fear and screaming, “Don’t touch me, you brown devils!” An insider, probably her spokesperson, said, “She is excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real.”

So, if you turn on CNN and see a breaking news report about a deadly, almost std-like outbreak occurring in that region, the Earth opening up to swallow the subcontinent whole or a strange, white, powdery substance blanketing India, you’ll know Lindsay has landed.

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For lindsay
For lindsay
12 years ago

I’m very pleased and proud of her, for doing this very courageous action, too actually go out and see where people are seriously having a extreme difficult time. Looking mainly at a problem that is affecting people families, especially young people worldwide. I really hope there will be full documentation and more coverage for her on this trip, as well as her safety. Thank you for doing this, representing your part for newer media highlights where people can help and as your part as a international celebrity, making a difference and have world subjects and matters known ,, God bless… Read more »

12 years ago

::rolling my eyes::: @ for lindsay.

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