Natalie Portman was bullied

Natalie Portman, Hollywood’s most beloved star — Is that true? I made that up, but I hope it is because I really want to sound like I know what I’m talking about — talked about how thankful she was for being the only child. Having won critical acclaim in Leon at only 13, Natalie said it certainly helped that her parents could devote all their time to her. Granted, she sounds a little high on herself in this quote.

“My mother has accompanied me to every audition and every acting class. With more children that would have never been possible. They would have been jealous of me.”

Speaking to a German magazine, Natalie also talked about how Hollywood bullies actresses.

“Family and friends have always been there for me – this is very important because in Hollywood it goes up and down.

“One day you are celebrated, the next day they just bully you. That’s quite exhausting for the psyche!”

That’s weird because I don’t remember anyone saying anything bad about Portman. This is like a pretty, famous, rich girl trying to convince you how hard it really is to be pretty, famous and rich. Sure, they’re swimming in money, beloved by all and always come out on top, but in those five minutes they have to themselves every day, they have to suffer through crippling loneliness. And what good is all that money when a Rolls Royce Phantom and a $5.4 million mansion can’t fill that void? Then they tell you they wish they had your uncomplicated life, but once you walk away thinking, “Biggie was right. Mo money, mo problems,” they turn to their friend and just giggle.

Here’s poor Natalie filming Black Swan.

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