Olivia Munn is in Maxim

You’ve seen the cover, now see the inside of the magazine. Olivia Munn did a spread for Maxim and, um, I’m not sure what’s so great about this girl. She has an ok face, a nice body and seems cool but that’s about it. Is it because she plays video games and is “just one of the guys”? Because that’s a very loose argument. Nerds don’t have high standards for girls. As long as they’re breathing and are skinny, they’re hot.

In fact, sometimes they don’t even have to be breathing. Robots will do just fine. And forget it if the girl knows anything about computers or plays video games. They’ll probably spend three weeks in retarded costumes fake-battling each other in the forest just to see who gets to be rejected by her first.

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14 years ago

Finally… I’m not the only one who thinks Olivia Munn is the truest form of “meh”.