Rachel Uchitel wasn’t paid

Yesterday, Radar reported Rachel Uchitel received $1 million to keep quiet about her affair with Tiger Woods. TMZ today says that’s not true and that the reasons why she canceled her scheduled press conference were because of “fear and secrets”.

Sources say Rachel became “scared for her safety” because she knows so much about Tiger, his alleged affairs and a variety of other Woods matters. We’re told Tiger confided in Rachel … she knows specifics about “other women,” as well as information about Tiger’s marriage.

The sources were quick to point out, Rachel does not fear Tiger, as much as she fears all the other people caught in what is becoming a very large net.

Rachel, we’re told, just wants to disappear for a while.

This is getting retarded. This isn’t some guy about to go public with the identities of undercover CIA operatives. No one’s going to assassinate her. She just knows about a bunch of women Tiger slept with. A game of handball is more dangerous than this.

Anyway, she can’t be that scared because according to Radar, Rachel told friends she and Tiger took Ambien, the short-term sedative used to treat insomnia, before they had sex.

Uchitel told one pal, ‘You know you have crazier sex on Ambien – you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex.'”

This Rachel sounds like a cheap and easy date. Usually you  have to wait until the girl you spotted at a bar turns around before you drop something in her drink. Here she does it herself. She probably even pays for it. And there you are. Buying your own GHB like a sucker.

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11 years ago

news flash…
retarded doesn’t mean stupid. don’t use a word if you don’t know the meaning, especially when you take away the dignity of the disabled in the process.

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