Sara Paxton is see-through

Two Sara Paxton posts in one day? This must be a record. Earlier she was in a bikini. Now she’s in a see-through shirt with no bra. Probably because she doesn’t need one. Whatever though. She’s kind of cute. If I was that guy sitting next to her, I’d be real smooth. I’d tell this Sara that her shirt seems a little dirty and I’d go, “here, let me wipe that off for you.” Then I’d start wiping her shirt with my finger and I’ll get this embarrassed look on my face and say, “oops, those were your nipples.” I’d play it really cool and Sara would be turned on and think I’m not such a bad guy, I was just trying to be helpful. Then she’d invite me to her place and we’d, you know, do it.

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13 years ago

Just wear that top with a plaid skirt and let the school fanasty begin. OW