Tara Reid looks fantastic -ally Photoshopped

Tara Reid sent ripples through the world when she announced she was going to be in Playboy. Lots of “mehs” came soon after the announcement. Tara tried to drum up interest by whining that it wasn’t fair for people to keep mentioning her Frankenstein boobs and her stomach which looked like it stepped on an IED because she went to the Wizard of Oz and got new parts a while ago. Something like that. I’m paraphrasing here.

The point is, when she said she looks way better now, she meant with the help of Photoshop. This is her back in July. She looks like a 40-year-old soccer mom. Starting here is her now in Playboy. Am I supposed to believe this is what she looks like now? What’d she do, contract the Benjamin Button disease?

Update: Had to take the pics down, but added new ones so you can see how much Tara was airbrushed. Compare the header photo to the Playboy cover.

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chuck farley
chuck farley
11 years ago

you can’t tell $#!& from these pics! what did you do, use a camera phone from ten feet away to take these shots?

11 years ago

So did she ever cure her case of ‘Frankentitties?’

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