This is not a good sign

I didn’t see this yesterday with the bikini photos because I don’t stare at 17-year-old girls’ tits (heh heh heh), but apparently the pervs at The Daily Mail do which is how they noticed that Miley Cyrus has a tatto of “Just Breathe” under her left breast similar to the “Breathe” tattoo Lindsay Lohan has on her wrist. Guess who’s on her way to being a cokehead by 20? *Points to Miley*

They say they’re not sure whether it’s real or fake, but there’s one way to find out. Go up to Miley, lick your thumb and then try to rub it off. Then move your thumb about 4 inches up and do the same thing. When Miley asks what you think you’re doing, say, “Just doing my job ma’am,” and then run away amidst the confusion.

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