Tiger Woods is going to get his ass kicked again

Tiger Woods might want to start taking self-defense classes because a woman named Jaimee Grubbs (Tool Academy on VH1) claims she met Tiger in Vegas in April of 2007 and had a 31-month affair with him. She also says she has the voicemails and texts to prove it.

Jaimee, 21 at the time, hit up Us Weekly for who knows how much money and provided them with 300 text messages from Tiger. Jaimee says she hit that around 20 times. Us Magazine’s issue will come out tomorrow with photos, texts and a voicemail in which Tiger says his wife might know something is up.

Elin is going to go crazy when she sees that issue. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a woman drive a guy’s nuts 465 yards on to the fairway, but if you’re interested, head over to Tiger’s house tomorrow afternoon.

Update: Two more women are coming out now claiming to have had an affair with Tiger.

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