Tiger Woods is made of money

The Chicago Sun-Times says Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, wants a complete rewrite of their prenup “making the incentive for her to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods even more enticing.” With the prenup now, Elin would have to remain married to Tiger for 10 years just to get $20 million in a divorce settlement. It should be way more. That can only fill a 3ft pool. How are you supposed to swim in that?

Meanwhile, Us Weekly (via WCBSTV) reports that their prenup is actually worth $300 million. Which may be why they’re undergoing “intense” marriage counseling. According to reports, a counselor has been conducting sessions at their home “several times daily”.  You can tell when they start because you can hear Tiger crying, “Please don’t take my money,” through the walls.

As for Rachel Uchitel who was supposed to hold a press conference today but later canceled it, RadarOnline claims she was negotiating a $1 million payoff to keep quiet Wednesday night.

All in all, this whole thing might end up costing Tiger a lot of money. He should just move to Utah and put on a fake mustache so no one recognizes him. Or, you know, his wife and mistresses can have a little “accident”. By accident, I mean he can kill them. Just wanted to make that clear because I wasn’t sure you knew what I meant by “accident”.

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Christian Rudolf
Christian Rudolf
11 years ago

This women said no to Vanity Fair, makes here little bit diffrent..

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