Tiger Woods loves the women

Tiger Woods cheating whore count: Almost to the 10’s. More women are alleging they’ve had sexual encounters with Tiger Woods.

36-year-old porn star Holly Sampson, who’s starred in Oscar nominated films like Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife, claims to have met Woods before he was married. High five, dude.

A Florida attorney also says he’s representing an “anonymous woman” in Orlando who said she had a two-year fling with Woods. They met when she was 20 at Roxy Nightclub where she was a waitress.

I don’t know how Tiger managed to keep track of all these women. If I was Tiger, I’d just call them by numbers or just start greeting them like, “Hey… you.”

At least it was easy to find photos of Holly Sampson. The only problem is I can’t use 99% of them. She probably hasn’t made a statement yet because there’s still a cock stuffed in her mouth.

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12 years ago

U are the man Tiger,u doing what every man can do hit them.It seem to me, that they enjoying what u doing to them so go ahead brother. MVP

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