Tiger Woods: The Sims

While TMZ is busy trying to pay off whoever can get their hands on the security footage of the Tiger Wood’s crash, a Chinese news agency has recreated the incident with stunning realism. Except, replace stunning realism with computer generated 3D models and awesomeness.

As you can tell by the video, they recreate both versions of the story. One of how his wife rushed to break the window and save him after he crashed into a tree and the other of how she chased him down the street with a golf club bashing in his rear window like a maniac while Tiger, looking like a scared puppy, tried to get away. You probably didn’t understand, but after the second dramatic recreation, the reporter said, “Man, what a pussy!” I think. He’s speaking Spanish, right?

In related news, there will be no criminal charges brought against Tiger. The Florida Highway Patrol is ending its investigation. Whew. That was hard work knocking on his door three times to ask for an interview.

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11 years ago

gotta love the taiwanese/chinese people who did this, so creative! so much better than those tmz hounds

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