Adam Dell the father of Padma Lakshmi’s baby?

Big news! That girl that hosts the show that you may or may not watch and is currently pregnant but not revealing the father, I think her name is Padma Lakshmi, still hasn’t revealed who the father is, but Page Six claims to have it on good authority that it is Adam Dell, brother of that famous CEO of the computer company known for their shoddy tech support and not the head of a talent agency you never heard of. OMG! This is exciting. If I could understand what I just wrote, then I’d totally be texting my friends about the startling revelation. I’m going to text them anyway. Oh, a reply! They responded with, “F*g.” What does that mean?!

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The Corrector
The Corrector
14 years ago

Michael Dell is the son of the CEO of Dell?! Did you even read the article. It’s Adam Dell, the brother of Michael Dell–who is the CEO of Dell. Haha!!! Your Welcome.