Andy Dick was also arrested

It goes without saying that Andy Dick was arrested over the weekend. This time on two counts of sexual abuse. And here I thought Andy Dick was a stand-up guy and not weird at all.

The first count was when he grabbed a security guard’s crotch at Rum Runners in Huntington, W. Virginia. The second is when he tried to stick his tongue down a patrons mouth without buying him dinner first. Dick has since been released on bail.

A third man who Dick sexually assaulted and who will not be pressing charges is Jonathan Kraft. Andy put his tongue in Kraft’s ear (pictures), but Kraft defends Andy saying the charges against him are “dumb” and “stupid”. Kraft says “He’s nationally known as a weird guy.”

So, Kraft is saying that as long as you’re known for sexually assaulting people that it’s okay. That’s a good argument. Next time I go out, I’ll just tell girls that I’m known for grabbing breasts before I grab their breasts. Then when I’m standing in front of the judge, I’ll just explain to him that they already knew what was going to happen. Obviously, he’ll nod his head agreement and set me free.

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Jonathan Kraft`
Jonathan Kraft`
14 years ago

Hey fuckers, I didn’t say he sexually assulted me. Let’s get this cleared up! Andy Dick was uncomfortably close but he did not grope me.