Britney Spears addicted to “Family Guy”, is crazy

There hasn’t been a lot of interesting Britney Spears  news lately, but don’t worry. The Sun is here to make you go “what?” A source says Britney’s developed an unhealthy fascination with Family Guy. She’s staying in penthouse suite at the Mondrian Hotel watching box sets of the show.

“She really likes Stewie and has been trying to copy his British accent.”

“It’s a bit weird, especially when she’s in the gym speaking like a camp Brit.”

You know what’s even weirder than Britney imitating Stewie, probably by using a completely inaccurate accent, maybe speaking like an Irish leprechaun or something? Britney going to the gym. I thought her skin would catch fire if she ever stepped into one of those places like what happens to Satan if he steps into a church. Are those tales not true?

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3 years ago

I’m so sad for Bitney