Brittany Murphy’s husband actually suing Hollywood

Last week on the Today Show, Simon Monjack claimed that the disappointment of being dropped from Happy Feet 2 is what ultimately killed Brittany Murphy. “Hollywood broke her heart. They have blood on their hands and I hope they wash them with very hot water because of the way they treated Brittany Murphy while she was alive,” he said. Monjack also claimed that Brittany never took drugs despite all those prescription bottles full of drugs scattered around her bed.

Today, Simon says he’s suing Warner Brothers, the company behind Happy Feet 2, for wrongful death. Monjack and Brittany’s mother are convinced that she died from a heart attack caused by the stress of Warner Bros. terminating her contract two weeks before her death and want to bleed as much money from this as they can justice.

Good luck with that, Simon. Unless you can prove that the WB frog somehow lodged itself in her throat and suffocated her with its amazing dance moves or the WB water tower collapsed on her, then I think the judge will just giggle at you and say, “Awww. That’s sooo cute,” when you tell him Brittany’s death was because of this and not drugs.

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14 years ago

The thing of it is, even if he could prove that losing that job killed her, he wouldn’t get a favourable ruling. I mean, can you even imagine what would happen if you could sue every employer who fired you, or didn’t hire you? That’s just life, man.