Brooke Mueller went to rehab while pregnant

If you didn’t think Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller were messed up enough, how about this new report from RadarOnline which claims that Brooke went to rehab for alcohol abuse while she was five months pregnant with their twins. Consequently, one of the twins was born with a heart problem and of course Sheen blamed it on Mueller’s alcohol problem which must have made her feel great.

When one of the couple’s twins was born with a heart problem, the couple argued bitterly and Charlie told Brooke the medical problem was her fault for boozing while pregnant, has learned.

“They both have drinking problems,” said a source close to the situation. “And neither of them should be drinking.”

It’s going to be hard to decide which of these two will get the parent of the year award. Will it be Charlie Sheen for putting a knife to Brooke’s throat and threatening to kill her or will it be Brooke for replacing her amniotic fluid with Absolut Vodka? Is there some sort of combined award I can give them like, say, a vasectomy and hysterectomy?

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