Cops called to Tila Tequila’s home

Yesterday, cops were called to Tila Tequila’s home to sort out an argument between her, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips. Nicky and Bijou were there to pick up Casey Johnson’s dogs and belongings at the request of Johnson’s family, but Tila refused to hand them over.

The officers quickly became referees and restored order. Tequila wheeled out a rack of clothing that included fur coats and a Christmas blanket. Both little dogs, who had been locked in a bedroom, were also handed over, as were some bathroom products and packages of insulin.

Later, Tila told the press that they were going to put the dogs to sleep and bury them with Casey. Bijou said they weren’t.

Isn’t Nicky Hilton twice the size of Tila Tequila? She could have just knocked her over and taken the dogs. Or put her hands on Tila’s head holding her at a distance while Tila punched wildly at the air. Maybe even stuffed her in a trash can and rolled her down a hill. Why can’t arguments ever be funny anymore?

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