Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are just friends

Despite rumors, a friend of Minka Kelly says she and Derek Jeter aren’t marrying on November 5th at a castle in Long Island. Adding truth to this is the fact that Oheka Castle is very well known for never leaking information (Kevin Jonas was just married there and was registered under a fake name) and the date, 11/5 may conflict with the 2010 World Series.

“Minka says things are great between her and Derek – and they’re definitely serious – but there’s no talk of an engagement,” the pal says, adding that “Minka has not been wearing a ring.”

This is great news for me. That means I still have a shot at Minka Kelly. How do you think I should approach this? Quietly from behind or hidden in her closet until she comes home?

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13 years ago

Yes, you work on Minka, I’ll work on Derek. Win win!