Even Julia Roberts makes cracks about NBC

NBC is the new whipping boy with this Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien thing. Everyone is making fun of them, even “big shot” celebrities like Julia Roberts. Here she is at the Globes on the red carpet with hard-hitting reporter, Billy Bush. After she gave a shout out to Michelle Obama minus the Arsenio Hall fist pump (tsk tsk), she told Billy that “NBC, you guys are in the toilet!” Billy regained composure quickly and reminded Julia that she turned down Sandra Bullock’s role in the much talked about and award nominated Blind Side. Rawr. Cat fight. Julia got the last word in though. When Billy cut back to Natalie, Julia asked who “Natalie” was. Point: Julia.

I hope Julia made Billy cry. That would be the best part about being a celebrity. Giving interviewers such a hard time that they have a mental breakdown. I’d keep a tally of how many I managed to break on my wall. But, I wouldn’t count Billy. Too easy. It’d be like making a baby cry.

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13 years ago

I can’t stand her never have.. she is a husband stealing Bit#$.. Thinks she is all that… She acts the same in every movie..yuck