Joaquin Phoenix is not crazy anymore, maybe

Early last year Joaquin Phoenix began an illustrious rapping career and started acting like a crazy homeless person. That was all in the name of art as Casey Affleck was constantly following him around with a camera. Anyway, he disappeared for a while, cleaned himself up and now he’s doing a PSA with Liv Tyler and Miley Cyrus for To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit that helps people struggling with thoughts of suicide.

This promo would have been a lot better if Joaquin kept the beard and when Miley Cyrus tried to teach him how to vote, he just sat there staring at her, not making a sound. I don’t know how that would help the organization, but it would make for a hilarious video. Especially if at the end he just got up and smashed the laptop on the floor in frustration.

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14 years ago

I love Joaquin! he didn’t know who Miley was! I so adore this man! we need more people like this!

14 years ago

it was staged, mariah. he knew miley. if you couldn’t figure that out by watching the purposefully horrible acting by joaquin, then you really shouldn’t be voting for anything.

this video was retarded. the only thing accomplished was joaquin looking less drugged up and less retarded by sitting next to miley.

what a retarded video.

i’m not the type of person to just hit forums and flame, but this was just ridiculous. when you get celebrities together, you need to make it worth their time.