John Travolta is sneaky

John Travolta flew himself to Haiti by way of his personal jet with 4 tons of military rations and medical supplies to help the earthquake victims. Travolta also brought along real medical doctors and Scientology ministers at the ready with free e-meter readings. This is the second week Travolta has flown in supplies.

“I want to thank Qantas Airlines and (its chief executive) Alan Joyce. Alan is allowing me to fly the Boeing 707 that’s sitting in the backyard, fill it with supplies, fill it with doctors, fill it with volunteer ministers, and take it down to Haiti on Monday – so thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Travolta.

Gawker has an interesting rundown of how the Scientologists might be helping the victims in Haiti. My favorite is where they point to objects and tell the wounded to look at it. Apparently, that helps with, um, seeing if they know they’re on Earth? I don’t think this would work very well there though. Haiti is pretty much destroyed so the only things they can point to are things that remind them their life sucks. “See that child buried under the rubble?” “Thank you.” “See that collapsed building where you used to live?” “Good.” This “medical procedure” has a better chance at driving them to suicide than anything else.

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