Jude Law might finally visit his daughter

The illegitimate daughter Jude Law had with Samantha Burke was born September 2009. He hasn’t seen her yet, but if reports are true, he might. Over the weekend, Jude called Burke to tell her that he was thinking of finally going to Florida to see Sophia, his daughter. This got Samantha real excited. Not because Sophia would finally get to meet her daddy, but because Sam thinks she can seduce Jude into being with her.

“She’s over the moon. She was hurt he had not seen Sophia,” a source told British newspaper the News of The World.

“She told us they would get back together but I think Jude just feels a responsibility to his daughter,” revealed the insider.

“Sam is also considering moving to London. It could be the career chance she wanted.”

This is all hearsay from The News of the World so take this with a grain of salt. Jude might not visit his daughter at all. He might even deny the very existence of the kid. See, it’s publications like The News of the World that give celebrities a bad rap by suggesting they’d finally visit their illegitimate kid after four months.

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