Lady Gaga wants your attention

Lady Gaga was at the Fontainbleau hotel dressed in bra and panties with blood running down her shoulder. Not exactly sure what this was for, but if it was to creep everyone out, congratulations, it worked. Gaga has successfully alienated everyone around her.

She’s like one of those goths in high school that dress just to shock and laugh on the inside because people don’t get the joke even though they do get it and the real joke is that they’re an idiot. She’d probably get all offended if you started a normal conversation with her and didn’t shake your jowls at the craziness of her outfit.

  • Nate Fanfare

    Like Dr. Dre? Or Dr. Teeth? Or Dr. John?

  • Atomic Rat

    Why do the squirrels who make a bunch of money for doing basically nothing then have to turn into some spiritual quackery bullshit like this? And women are the fucking worst.

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