Lindsay Lohan pretends to care

A clip of Lindsay Lohan’s journey to India to fight child trafficking was recently released. Watch as Lindsay stares blankly into the camera and tells us that the parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong for child trafficking, the children aren’t in the wrong for child trafficking, but it’s the traffickers who are in the wrong for child trafficking. Dios mio! What a revelation!

Afterward, watch Lindsay have a serious conversation with a woman about said child trafficking. Lindsay wants to know if she’s aware of the children being sexually abused and turned into prostitutes. The woman being interviewed says she isn’t aware since when she asks the children how they are doing, there are no complains. That’s when Lindsay turns to the interpreter and starts talking to her. Awkward.

They should show the outtakes from this. There’s a good chance every ten minutes Lindsay shouts, “line!,” and when the director reads the script back to her, Lindsay shakes her head “no”, puts her finger to her nose and makes a snorting sound.

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