Miranda Kerr is up for anything

GQ interviewed Miranda Kerr and before the interview started, it was made clear by GQ fashion director Madeline Weeks that Miranda has “No qualms about being naked. Her body is flawless. I wouldn’t mess with Miranda Kerr.” Well la-dee-da. Isn’t she special. Anyway, a portion of the interview below.

When I ask Kerr what she did the night before last year’s prime-time-televised Victoria’s Secret special, which is basically a runway show smashed together with Cirque du Soleil and a Black Eyed Peas concert, she says she got a spray tan. When I tell her the show always seems overproduced and unsexy, she tells me that she was wearing lingerie and high heels and that it was definitely sexy. Right. Kerr also says that she spends maybe one night a week at home these days because she’s always traveling for jobs, with only the dog to keep her company. I ask if she gets lonely. “I’m lucky,” Kerr says. “I like my own time.” You know who I bet gets lonely? Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom and that thieving sap sitting in an Australian jail.

Did that guy call the Victoria’s Secret special, where a bunch of hot chicks parade around in lingerie and high heels, overproduced and unsexy? Well, I guess he’s right. It’s nowhere near as big of a turn on as those shows featuring dogs in dresses or the understated women in those Lifetime movies. Rawr. Now those are things you can whack off to. Check out the rest of the photos here.

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14 years ago

i think the fashon women was right there wouldent be anything i would change on miranda !