Natalie Portman is a home wrecker

Natalie Portman has supposedly been dating a New York City Ballet dancer named Benjamin Millepied who’s a choreographer for her new movie The Black Swan. Page Six says she’s been hittin’ that since the fall but hasn’t gone public because Benjamin had a live-in girlfriend of three years when Natalie stole him away. The unofficial official story for not going public is Natalie wanted to see if things got serious.

“She was a ballerina at the American Ballet Theater. She had been talking about marrying him and was blindsided by the split. She moved out right after New Year’s Eve.”

I don’t care until Natalie walks out to a balcony naked. Or unless one of these girls Natalie is stealing guys from is Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson. Then I’d shake my head at the guy and ask what the hell is wrong with him giving them up for a 13-year-old boy.

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14 years ago

remember she was seen kissing Sean Penn. I don’t think Robin Wright was too happy about that. For somebody as religious as Portman, she certainly is not a meydl.