P. Diddy is a great dad. Please adopt me

On an upcoming episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, you can see just how great it is to be Diddy’s kid. Diddy threw his son Justin Dior one of them fancy sweet sixteen parties which I thought only girls were supposed to have. It turned out great, apparently, because Justin made out with a silver Maybach, a driver to escort him around New York and a $10,000 check which Justin donated to Yele Haiti. Performing at the party were Fabolous, Lil’ Kim and Jim Jones.

Spies at the M2 Ultralounge bash say the music mogul almost got into an altercation with a publicist early in the evening, when the flack tried to get in some personal business time with him.

“Diddy was yelling about how it was his son’s birthday and not a night to talk about work,” a partygoer dishes. “He really ripped into him, but the guy totally deserved it. He was out of line.”

But the minidrama couldn’t take away from the extravagant fete or Justin’s spotlight: Diddy had his eldest son sit above the packed crowd on a throne that was on the stage, all while MTV cameras rolled for an upcoming episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”

And while the kids were having good, clean fun downstairs, the celebrities that attended the fete retreated to a private upstairs section for a more adultlike experience.

This was alright, I guess. I think my 16th birthday was way more memorable. Singing happy birthday to myself in the dark while trying to keep the lone candle stuck in the rice krispy treat I bought myself from falling was better than any $350,000 car. My tears made the rice krispy taste twice as sweet.

On a different note, in the header photo, that’s supposed to be some girl named Nikki Menage next to Justin Dior Combs (Diddy’s son). But, holy crap. Are you sure that Nikki girl is a real person? Because she looks exactly like a blowup doll. I bet if I stuck a pin in her, she’d fly all over the place like a leaky balloon.

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14 years ago

Lol Her name is Nikki Minaj and she’s signed to Lil Wayne’s record label young money, her whole marketing persona is this high end barbie-robot thing. She still hot though.