Tori Spelling tortures her kids

How would you like to be Tori Spelling’s kid? If the fact that you have to face this gaunt, witch-looking creature who you think will throw you in the oven every day doesn’t scare you, than maybe the fact that Tori has a picture of her half-naked with her husband in plain view in the bathroom will. These kids are going to be messed up later in life. If I had to walk by a semi-nude photo of my mom every day as a kid, I’d have stayed in bed shivering all night trying not to fall asleep because god knows what kind of nightmares I’d have. [Hollywood Life]

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11 years ago

Okay that’s just mean calling her a witch. Tori is actually a very beautiful woman most of the time in my opinion. She just has a different look to her. I think she looks very pretty in that photo with her kids. But anyways I do think it’s very weird and strange that she has half naked photos of herself with her husband in the bathroom. But it’s her life, I don’t judge.

anonymous 2
anonymous 2
11 years ago

what kind of narcissist would bring a photographer into her bathroom to watch her kids brush their teeth? Does this woman honestly think this is newsworthy? I am so sick of seeing Tori”s ugly face! She truly is one of the ugliest women on the planet. Her husband looks and acts like the Balloon boy’s dad!! Tori and Dean try to pass themselves off as some young hot couple…he is in his 40″s…and ugly as sin. I am sure her kids will go right into therapy or they will follow in Tori’s footsteps and air their greivances on reality TV!

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