A-Rod has a new piece

OK! says that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz made their “debut” during the Super Bowl festivities last week. Why anyone would make a debut with Cameron Diaz is beyond me, but Cameron was drunk and shaking her ass at A-Rod.

“A-Rod and Cameron have been totally hooking up,” the insider dishes to OK!, adding in their obvious affection during the CAA party on Saturday night in Miami as further proof of their passion for each other.

“They were having a great time,” a partygoer tells OK! while Cameron was “grinding on A-Rod.”

According to the partygoer, a tipsy Cameron was being very, “fun and flirty,” with the Yankee player sitting on the couch beside her as she, “was dancing by herself and then turning into [Alex] some.”

A-Rod has gone from Madonna to Kate Hudson and now to Cameron Diaz. In between he’s banged models and more models. This doesn’t make sense. Madonna looks like a gnarled oak tree come to life, Kate Hudson looks like a ten-year-old boy and Cameron Diaz looks like the Joker from Batman. Is this some sort of punishment for sleeping with all those models. Like in exchange for banging all the girls from Miami modeling agencies, he has to stick his dick into death itself (Madonna) and then in Cameron Diaz? Maybe it’s like a cool-off period for his crotch or to keep his penis’ ego in check. Like, A-Rod doesn’t want his junk to get a big head or something.

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Southern Goodness
Southern Goodness
13 years ago

Okay, seriously. If you had a chance to hook up with Cam Di you totally would. I mean, for you, it would mean the diff between you jerking off to faded pics of Jan Brady and f*cking the cute fat girl from your office. No question. Cam Di is more woman than you’re ever likely to get, stud. So don’t be a h8tr.

13 years ago

Madonna was best for that vain juicehead
Cameron got penicillin?