A-Rod has it rough

A-Rod reportedly broke up with Kate Hudson because she was too clingy and he felt tied down. Now that he’s single, A-Rod has been going out with a different woman each night.

On Saturday, he was spotted at lunch with one beauty in South Beach and then took another girl out for dinner at restaurant STK that night.

“He has been seeing a petite brunette from New York,” the source said. “While he was in the city, he had a private meeting with Madonna at his home. They have stayed in touch and text each other all the time.

“He has also been hanging around with the girls from Wilhelmina Models in Miami. He picked out a curvy blonde from their books and took her to the Bahamas for a charity event two weeks ago. And he was pretty pleased with himself to be dating two girls in one day last Saturday.”

You mean to tell me A-Rod can just pick out women from modeling books like he’s at a human buffet? To make it more exciting, does he close his eyes and point to a random one? Jesus. They make it sound like he’s a Saudian Arabian prince. Pretty much all A-Rod has to do is point to any woman and say, “you!” and then they magically fall in love with him. Is he some sort of warlock because when I do the same thing, I get maced. Is there a phrase I’m supposed to be chanting?

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