Bar Refaeli is dead to me

Losing out to Leonardo DiCaprio I can understand. He’s awesome, a great actor and and seems like a good guy. It’s like winning a silver medal in the 200 meter sprint at the Olympics. You didn’t get first, but the guy who did is probably Jamaican or Kenyan which is to be expected.

But this. This isn’t fair. I’d never have thought Mike “The Situation” would manage to weasel his way in between Bar Refaeli’s legs before I did. I’ve lost so much respect for Bar. Don’t get me wrong. I still want to have sex with her. Very badly. Just… expect a heavy sigh before I do.

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11 years ago

I’m from Israel and in my country we didn’t like her because she didn’t served on our army.
and when the people on my country saw this picture they said that Bar Repali bitch

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