Casey Johnson’s cause of death revealed

In other recently deceased celebrity news, Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson’s, death has been deemed natural. No drugs or suicide as speculated. The L.A. County Coroner says the 30-year-old died from diabetic ketoacidosis, “a condition triggered by low levels of insulin in a diabetic’s system.”

“Casey battled juvenile diabetes her entire life,” Courtenay Semel told E! News. “I hope that at least this will bring awareness to the fight against diabetes and maybe one day we can all win her battle for her and find a cure,” she said.

Expect Tila Tequila to create a new Twitter account and mash out angry words about having a baby and things that have nothing to do with Casey Johnson’s death. She’ll probably ask you to feel sorry for her and say stuff about how unfairly she’s been treated. This report is pretty much just an invitation for Tila to attention whore. Look what you’ve done, L.A. County Coroner.

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