Conan O’Brien might have a job

Conan O’Brien may or may not have found a new late night home on the Fox network. There have been no talks as of yet and the move all depends on whether it makes financial sense for the network who hasn’t had a late-night show since The Chevy Chase Show crashed and burned after just a few weeks in 1993.

There are also concerns about if Fox’s 205 affiliates would agree to switching out profitable local news programs for an untested late-night show starring Conan O’Brien who Leno replaced due to low ratings.

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said that if Fox did decide to move forward that “I’m sure we’ll have some difficult negotiations.”

If Fox is still anything like Fox back in the day when they ran In Living Color and Married With Children, Conan could do well not having to dumb down his material and can keep doing sketches that push boundaries like he did in his 12AM time slot on NBC. Which is great because things are a lot funnier when you don’t have to cater to the old people who don’t understand the inherent humor in a bear jacking itself off.

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13 years ago

Conan would rock on Comedy Central after Colbert. They would own my eyeballs for the entire night.