Dina Lohan’s shoe line has failed

Back in October, Dina Lohan said she was partnering with to launch a shoe line hilariously named Shoe-Han. It’s now January and guess how that’s going? Not well considering the deal fell through.

“Love My Shoes regrets to announce we are not moving forward with the Dina Lohan line of shoes at this time due to continued economic sluggishness and the prevalent mood of today’s shoppers,” a rep from the company told us. “Love My Shoes and its President, Robert Yeganeh, wish Dina continued success in all her projects.”

A rep for Dina’s shoes says this was just a miscommunication. This is still happening, just with a larger partner.

“There was a miscommunication over finances, this was too local and we need a larger partner,” said the rep. “We are currently exploring other options, and we will have another announcement soon.”

If you’re keeping track, because of the economic climate, Dina was dropped by her small partner. That was the problem. She was thinking too small. That’s why she’s searching for a more global partner. That way she can fail on a grander scale. I like where this is headed. Fantasy land. I can now see why Lindsay’s career has risen to such great heights.

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