Does that mean Reggie has to marry Kim Kardashian

If you hadn’t heard, the Saints won Super Bowl 44 defeating the Colts 31-17. Just last month, Reggie Bush vowed to propose to Kim Kardashian if his team won the Super Bowl. Did he do it? I don’t know, what do I look like, a psychic? But if this was me and Kim ever brought that up, I’d just look off to the side and change the subject. Maybe point to a bird or something and wonder out loud what kind it is. A blue jay? A yellow breasted something or other? Maybe she’ll forget this deal I made with the devil.

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11 years ago

If by marry, Reggie meant bang her ass, then jizz in her hair and face, then yes, Reggie will “marry” KK.

Jean Claude Grand Am
Jean Claude Grand Am
11 years ago

Kim needs to stop with the powdered elf jizz she puts around her eyes lately. It looks fucking retarded.

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