Hailey Glassman wants you to judge this

Steppin’ Out Magazine dressed up Hailey Glassman, Jon Goselin’s ex, as a hooker and put her on the cover of their magazine accompanied by the words “Judge this haters!” and an arrow pointing towards her. In this issue, Hailey talks about all things Jon ranging from him being a sociopath to him having a tiny penis. Finally, what I’ve always wanted to know.

I’ve never heard of Steppin’ Out Magazine so I don’t know if this was meant as a joke or if they really want haters to “judge this”? Because it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get the response they hoped for if they were fishing for compliments.

I mean, when they finished shooting and stripped Hailey of her last bit of dignity, did Steppin’ Out leave the money on her dresser before they sneaked out or what?

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10 years ago

dude Steppin Out is this lame ass magazine that Chauncy from the Howard Stern show is the editor or writer or some s**t for. Howard used to clown his ass all the time for this piece of s**t Mag. Ive never seen an actual issue until now tho. What a mess

10 years ago

Pink panties never look good with leopard, and Hailey looks like a fatty because her hips look misshapen.;]

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