Hugh Hefner is getting sued

A shareholder is suing Hugh Hefner alleging he loves banging blondes more than he loves running a successful company. In 1999, Playboy stock was at $36 a share. Today it closed at $3.14. The shareholder claims the company is going down faster than Paris Hilton at a industry party and that Hugh sabotaged two promising deals in the last 6 months to sell at a fair price.

In the lawsuit, an investment company that analyzed Playboy’s business sent a note stating “we think the wildcard here is Hugh Hefner.” The note continues, “If you were Hugh Hefner, 81, would you give up the parade of busty blonds, the fancy mansion and the reality TV show for a payout?”

The suit goes on … “Hefner has continued to live the good life and make sure everyone knows it. Hefner remains in the limelight, showing up at media events and at the Playboy mansion … with his girlfriends by his side.”

No way Hugh is giving up his lifestyle. I wouldn’t either. He’s 81 and still dating 20-somethings and living in a mansion. This is like a guy’s fairytale come true. The only thing cooler than this would be being able to have sex with them without falling asleep midway through. And also maybe owning a 10 story fire-breathing robot.

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