Joan Rivers slams Victoria Beckham

For whatever reason, Joan Rivers called Victoria Beckham “vulgar” for showing off her $9,000 Hermes handbags every time she goes out. Rivers also says no one in LA likes her. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was trying to make Victoria Beckham cry. Hopefully for her next trick, Joan sits on Victoria’s chest and makes her hit herself.

In an interview with Closer, the 76-year-old described the fashion icon as “rude,” and commented on the fact that the former Spice Girl flaunts she has a hundred Hermes £6,000 bags, and shouldn’t be doing so when some of the world are starving. She continues to bombard Beckham with insults saying that she is “too short to be a diva,” and she shows a “distinct lack of class.” Rivers continues to say that everyone in LA, where Beckham lives in Beverly Hills with her husband David, have nothing good to say about her.

Whatever. I’d flaunt $9,000 purses if I could afford it and if my friends wouldn’t kick my ass if I put one on my arm. I’d also buy a dozen bagels, only eating one and throwing the rest away in front of homeless people. Then I’d point to an orphan kid and yell, “Hey, everyone. Look at that loser. He’s got no mommy and daddy. Haha!”

Who cares about Joan Rivers anyway? Victoria Beckham is skinny with big tits. She has carte blanche to do whatever she likes. Victoria could kick a newborn baby and I’d be fine with it as long as she showed some cleavage and jumped up and down to warm up before her big punt.

[New York, February 23. Images via INF.]

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Just Me
Just Me
12 years ago

You’re a fucking sick, stupid piece of s**t, too, but I guess your daddy already told you that all your life, right?

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