Joe Simpson crashed Nick Lachey’s party

Joe Simpson used to be a reverend. Now he manages his two daughters, is creepy and crashes Super Bowl parties. No doubt all in the name of God. Joe was in Miami when he walked in on his ex-son-in-law Nick Lachey’s event at Hotel 944. Joe was overheard saying, “Nick doesn’t know I’m here!”

“I was so confused because I thought they hated each other,” the eyewitness tells OK!.

Joe had been rumored to be one of the reasons Nick and his daughter Jessica Simpson split in 2005.

The onlooker tells OK! Joe was staying at the Eden Roc, where Nick and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo are also celebrating the Super Bowl.

Joe has a pretty sweet gig. He gets to crash parties without being thrown out and stare at Jessica’s ass during photo shoots. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were directly related, I’d say he has the most awesome life in the world. And if anyone tries to criticize him, all he has to say is he’s doing the lord’s work because apparently god is a big pervert.

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14 years ago

is it just me or does Lachey have a permanent look of cluelessness tattooed on his face

14 years ago

It is just you.