Johnny Depp’s hygiene is terrible

Sources who’ve worked with both Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis say their hygiene is terrible. Despite being named Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE, Depp rarely showers and isn’t big on personal cleanliness and neither is Vanessa.

“Vanessa is the furthest thing from a supermodel every second that she isn’t on a big photo shoot. No makeup and unruly hair – she’s a bit of a mess normally.”

Johnny’s new co-star, Angelina Jolie, will certainly get a taste of the real man while they film “The Tourist” together in Paris this month.

“When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he’s usually in rough shape,” sources say. “If he’s showing up for work on set, he’ll be a total professional, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be shiny and clean. He entrusts his movie looks to his hair, makeup and costume team. He’s quite a character in person.”

Damn that Johnny Depp. He doesn’t even have to shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair or anything to get chicks. And here I am doing it every day like a sucker. His b.o. must be like Spanish Fly to women. I bet he sits around all day in soiled underwear too. Well, I do that too, but he probably does it in a $4,000 chair. He’s living the dream, man!

[Images: Bauer-Griffin, Fame]

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12 years ago

This type of article pisses me off. TOTAL TRASH

12 years ago

How is their hygiene terrible? Having “No makeup and unruly hair” hardly qualifies as bad hygiene. Just because they don’t walk around everyday and show up to work like they’re heading to a red carpet event doesn’t mean they’re slobs… They’re just normal. And why would she put on make up and do her hair and him do his hair, etc, if they’re going to a job that’ll require a complete wardrobe change and have new makeup applied anyway? That’d just mean they’d have to take a shower when they show up to work. Idiots on set should be grateful… Read more »

11 years ago

Couldn’t agree more with Robert and Kate^^ Johnny Depp hates the fact that he “get[s] chicks” and rightfully so. He’s a good man. DAMN THIS WEBSITE AND ALL TV SHOWS, MAGAZINES, AND OTHER WEBSITES LIKE IT.

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