Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson are passionate

You may have thought Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson broke up, but you would be very wrong. Sort of. While reports say they have split, they still show up to the same clubs and they both live in the same building which raises a few eyebrows. Now Radar says their relationship has turned violent and that Lindsay throwing a drink in Ronson’s face wasn’t an isolated incident. A source says:

“One time I saw her [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head,” the source told “She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her.

“She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.”

“It’s so twisted. They’re not together, but they are,” said the source. “I never thought I’d ever say this, but I really do feel sorry for Lindsay. She is just lost. She’s alone. She has no friends to turn to.”

It’s scientifically proven that 90 pound emaciated girls hit with about as much force as a down stuffed pillow so can this really be considered domestic violence? Lindsay had a welt on her head and that’s considered beating the s**t out of her. Compare that to Chris Brown beating the s**t out of Rihanna. Sam probably didn’t even touch Lindsay. Sam probably swung at Lindsay and in the 20 seconds it took for her loosely clenched fist to reach her face, Lindsay had enough time to back away. Lindsay probably slipped on the ground and hit her head. A clash between Lindsay and Sam would be about as dangerous as a snowball fight with plastic bags instead of snow.

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