Lindsay Lohan won’t be an escort

Only hours before it was slated to begin, Lindsay Lohan has opted not to take a $150,000 payday and go to Vienna’s Opera Ball as 77-year-old Richard Lugner’s date. Lugner will now take male German singer, producer and entertainer Dieter Bohlen instead.

No reason was given as to why Lohan ditched. It’s not like she doesn’t need the money. Lindsay probably thinks she’ll get another film role real soon. The only thing is the phone hasn’t rang for weeks. Maybe it’s unplugged? Nope, that’s not it. Maybe another phone is off the hook? Nope, not it either. Lindsay should really call the phone company to check on that. It seems unlikely offers just aren’t pouring in.

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13 years ago

It is a bads news that the Lindsay is not more a part of the escort . I know she is a taking a high amount but she is a favourite among the youngster.

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