Matthew Fox cheated with a stripper

Stefani Talbott, a stripper from Oregon, told both The National Enquirer and InTouch that she’s slept with Matthew Fox, the guy from Lost, twice in the last year while he was in town filming a movie basically Sienna Millering his relationship.

While working at the Stars Cabaret club, Talbott describes how she made eye contact with Fox that it was game over from there. Four lap dances at $20 a pop, a drink and a trite conversation later (Fox asked why Stefani was working at a place like this, Stefani said it was for her kid), Talbott left her 5-year-old son with a babysitter and hit up the house Matthew was staying at with his entourage. Talbott said she didn’t remember a wedding ring, he didn’t talk about his wife or kids and he didn’t even use a condom. “He didn’t tell me to keep it a secret or anything… He didn’t seem concerned at all.”

Matthew’s rep denies the affair, but Stefani says she kept the voice mails and text messages from him. Standard practice for all sex scandals. She must be reading from Tiger’s mistresses’s playbook.

I was going to ask why Matthew Fox would cheat on Margherita Ronchi, but, um, let’s just say Kirsten Dunst isn’t looking too bad right now.

[New York, February 20, 2008. Images via Bauer-Griffin.]

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