Nick Cannon isn’t having kids any time soon

Nick “The Glorified Butler” Cannon said that although he and Mariah Carey want to have kids one day, they’re too busy now. Actually, what Nick said was this.

“We absolutely plan to have a family,” he said. “But we gotta prioritize, because that’s a major, major priority. That’s like the only priority in life, when you think about it, is starting and raising a family. We wanna make sure everything is out of the way and that we don’t have any distractions.”

“She’s on tour right now, I’m doing a bunch of stuff, so eventually we want to be able to say, ‘It’s time to have a kid,’ and set everything up,” he said. “But we’re definitely moving toward [having children]. We got our house in L.A., and we got a house [in New York], established and close to schools. So we take all of that stuff into consideration.”

How many times does Nick have to use a variation of the word “prioritize”? They should make a drinking game out of that. But he should get on that kid fast. If Mariah ever comes out of her stupor and files for divorce, Nick will be able to bleed a lot more money out of her since he’s like the stay at home mom. Bonus money if Mariah comes home drunk and slaps him around a little.

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