Oprah failed hard during her Drew Brees interview

Drew Brees has a birthmark on the right side of his face. Oprah didn’t know this so when Brees came out on her show, she tried to wipe it off while asking if someone kissed him backstage. Awk-ward. But not as awkward as when Oprah pretended to be a receiver and Drew beaned her in the face with a football, laughed and walked off set. Oh, that didn’t happen? Well it should have.

  • Chris

    This is such a NON-story. This is just another case of the media and
    sports/entertainment columnists making much ado about absolutely
    nothing. Guess it helps fill space in newspapers.

    Why the hell should Oprah’s staff have been concerned about including
    information about a guest’s birthmark in their research? So what if
    Oprah and/or her staff supposedly didn’t know it was a birthmark and
    Oprah mistook the mark on Brees’ face for lipstick from a kiss? It
    was a SIMPLE mistake. What’s the big deal?!!!

    Unfortunately, when you are as successful and accomplished as Oprah
    is, they are some in the media (due to professional jealousy) and the
    public at large (because of hate and envy) who look for every stupid
    opportunity to try to pull you down and for any and every embarassing
    moments they can find. It’s how they make their insecure selves feel
    better about themselves. It’s a sad part of human nature.

  • Celia

    Um…okay. Who is Drew Brees and why do I care??

  • kay

    I like Drew’s birthmark(what a sexy man, the mark only distinguishes him) but the poor man probably had to deal with childhood taunts about it. At least, he isn’t vain like some Hollywood stars and tries to use make-up to cover it up. It’s part of his character. If Oprah would have actually watched the opening of her own show, she clearly could have seen it. Sorry, sometime Oprah is out of touch with the rest of us on soooo many subjects. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!

  • Graham Cracker

    Well, I just hope Oprah doesn’t ever have John-Boy Walton or Aaron Neville on her show. And heaven help us if Cindy Crawford is a guest. Oprah: “Cindy, is that some sort of bug above your lip?”

  • razz

    think she knew about it already…she was just making fun :P


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